"To Birth Embodied is to feel, intuit, and trust completely what your body and your baby are telling you throughout the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth."


 As a culture we have learned to prioritize brain intelligence over body knowing. While this prioritization of the brain may have advanced us in some capacities, it leaves us disconnected from our most primal way of knowing ourselves. It is through the language of the body that we can most clearly understand ourselves. Body knowing is transparent and cohesive, un-muddied by the layers of influence and intersectionality that our brain continually sorts through. How and what our body knows is our intrinsic truth.

 Pregnancy, labor, and birth is a time that is most suited to becoming reconnected to our bodies. Embodiment fosters a deep and meaningful connection to ourselves and to our babies. Building these relationships enhances decision making in pregnancy and in parenthood. It is the beginning of an attuned and resourced connection between you,  your baby, and your growing family. 

I offer you my skills as a Somatic Practitioner (MA in Clinical Somatic Psychology) to assist you through the process of finding your innate embodiment and to help you to sort through the narrative of your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. 

Prenatal Visits

 Prenatal appointments in your home. I meet with you during the prenatal period to answer questions, to develop trust, to build our working relationship, and to support your wellbeing in pregnancy - Body, Mind, and Spirt. Visits are monthly till 28 weeks, bi-weekly till 37 weeks, and then weekly till the birth of your baby.


Labor and Birth

During your labor and birth I hold space for the unfolding of your experience. I provide labor support when needed, assess your body's response to the birthing process, and help to facilitate your body birthing the way it knows best... physiologically. In the event that you or your baby need more resources, I travel with you to the hospital of your choice. I stay with you, providing support, offering information, and continuing to hold space for your family and your vision.

Postpartum Visits

 The postpartum is a sweet, and sometimes overwhelming, time for new and growing families. I honor this and support families with customized visits when needed. At a minimum, I visit new families 4 times in the first two weeks and continue care for six weeks  postpartum.


By choosing home birth, people demonstrate their confidence in birth as a normal and integral part of life. They accept responsibility for their body, their baby, and their birth. People are choosing to undertake a journey of self discovery in pregnancy and birth that will ultimately empower them in parenthood and in life.

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my path to midwifery

I became a midwife in 2007. I am a Licensed Midwife (LM) ,under the Medical Board of California and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), under the North American Registry of Midwives. I have studied and apprenticed with midwives in rural and urban settings, on both coasts, as well as a spending time as a student at Maternidad La Luz, a busy birth center, in El Paso, Texas. 


I followed my heart through the paths of fine art, ecology, eco-psychology, somatic psychology, herbalism, feminism, and the births of my children. I found that all these paths led me to the practice of midwifery. Being a home birth midwife is the ultimate culmination of my passions and beliefs, and I am honored to serve all people, all babies, and all families in pregnancy and birth.



“The birth itself went along smoothly and Heather was there every step of the way. I’m really surprised when I think of how many hours she put in and was so attentive and focused. I can’t compare what she gave me and my family to any other service I ever received. She was incredible.”

"In a profession with lots of fear surrounding it, Heather is able to move past the stigma and assist fearlessly and confidently.  May we all have the grace to walk through life as she walks through this journey with so many families.  My only regret with stopping with 2 children is not having Heather's presence in our lives."

"I leaned back with him in my arms in total shock, total relief, total happiness."

Having experienced the many sides of Heather as a midwife, her emotional support, her labor support, her skills in an emergency, and her postpartum care, I can undoubtedly recommend her as a midwife. She embodies everything that we love about home birth. She is a very special person and one who has had a big impact on me and my family. Thank you, Heather.”

"Heather was so calm, clear, and skilled. She held the wisdom of Steffani’s birthing body and let it move in its way – supporting the wisdom we each have to be and move toward health in the highest sense."


"Heather will make you feel like you are just talking to a good friend, only with the added benefit of this friend being an honest, and caring experienced midwife."


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Embodied Home Birth and Midwifery Care in the East Bay and San Francisco

"you are strong enough"


Heather Briggs, LM, CPM